Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is your favorite ride?

  • Twisties
  • Long straight roads
  • Stop light to stop light
  • Showing off at the side of the road?

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Canajun said...

Twisties. No question.

Long straight roads - boring unless your destination is the purpose as opposed to the ride.
Stop light to stop light - boring and frustrating.
Showing off - that's not a ride, that's parking.

Nope, has to be twisties. Doesn't need to be a switch-backed mountain road (although those are fun), but a country road with sweeping curves, tight blind corners, and hilly terrain is just the perfect ride.

Shannon T Baker said...

Give me twisties any day! Echo everything Canajun said already.

David said...

I agree 100% there is nothing better than a winding open road away from traffic. Riding creates awareness of the surroundings that you just don't get in a car, this includes the sights and the smells (and the occasional taste).

PassionForTravel said...

I like slow windy roads in the mountains, 20-25 mph, no traffic someplace where I can flip my helmet, smell the pine trees and just immerse myself if the moment.