Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is the most technically advanced part of the Harley?

Harleys are not known for being technically advanced compared to their German and Japanese competitors. Is this an accurate assessment, a bias that goes back to the earlier times or are Harleys just a throwback to a bygone time? My Sporster has a fuel injected, electronically controlled 1200 cc engine. Some of the bigger bikes have air suspension and other trick bits. So what's the deal, retro modern or dinosaur?

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mq01 said...

i made sure my XL was carborated because i wanted the real feel. now that i have an 08 Softail i am enjoying all the creature comforts. i dont think they are dinosaurs, but i'm curious of other opinions.

David said...

Personally, the electronic fuel injection is pretty good, providing great flexibility regardless of temperature and altitude. Other than that most everything on the stock Sportie is old school.