Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update on Tour Master saddlebags

After about 6 months of riding with the Tour Master Cruiser II Slant Saddlebags I found the right side bag dangling from the safety straps. The zipper on the yoke had broken (which was odd because the bag was empty). I called the company that I bought the bags from and they provided me a direct contact at Tour Master. A quick call to Tour Master and a replacement yoke was sent out. All of this was very hassle-free. Based on this customer service I continue to recommend Tour Master products and the Cruiser II saddlebags.

Unfortunately, it looks like has gone out of business or at least the link to the site no longer works. This is too bad as they offered quality products at good prices. This is the second small online vendor that I've noticted drop off the radar recently. No doubt the economy is taking a major toll on these business owners as they try to compete with the larger discount stores.

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